Welcome To Cyndeo Wealth Partners

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We are an independent registered investment advisor, focused on helping you simplify the complexity of managing, growing and protecting your wealth.

We look to counsel our clients on every financial decision in their lives and with their businesses, by fostering a family-like culture that truly deepens the relationship between their families and our team.

We do this by carefully listening, building confidence, and creating peace of mind through a caring, trusting rapport.

We help people manage the complexity of their wealth to ensure their lives have impact.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, with clients in nearly 40 states across the U.S., Cyndeo Wealth Partners provides financial planning and investment management services, backed by family office-level personal service.

Our clientele includes executives and entrepreneurs, landowners and professional athletes, business owners and multigenerational families, as well as those facing financial challenges on their own, due to divorce or death of a loved one. Whatever their path, each client seeks out the stewardship and counsel of our team to help prepare them for the future.

One of the value-added ways in which we serve our clients is through meaningful introductions. Our team pro-actively networks among our professional and personal circles to connect people with each other and to create exclusive opportunities, leading to distinctive outcomes.

The name we chose for our firm comes from the Greek word ‘syndeo,’ meaning ‘connect.’ We changed the spelling to Cyndeo to emphasize our focus on client connectivity.

The promise we make to all our clients is one of integrity. We will put your interests first and above those of the firm’s, and we will honor our relationship every day. We will always be available to listen, to learn and understand, and to help you when needed. We will be family.

The Values that define Cyndeo Wealth Partners

  • Trust

    Our reputation for trustworthiness is our firm’s single greatest asset. We guard it ceaselessly and earn it constantly through everything we say and do.

  • Compassion

    We listen with open hearts and open minds, bringing empathy and experience to fully understand the emotional and practical sides of every challenge our clients face.

  • Relationship-Focused

    Our role as steward, confidant and advocate for our clients demonstrates our genuine care for the enduring success and well-being of their families.

  • Accountability

    Quite simply, we stand by our word and are committed to deliver on every one of our promises.