CW Boss From
Cyndeo Wealth Partners

We have a dedicated team who specializes in helping clients in the fields of sports and entertainment. Whether it’s working with professionals with established careers or helping individuals on the rise, we join their team of advisors to focus on managing their financial decisions. We apply our experience and expertise to guide them across their entire career arc – intelligently and prudently – so the rewards they enjoy at their pinnacle will still serve them well through retirement.

We support our clients in all matters big and small, educating them on every option they face, as we empower them to own the financial aspects of their lives.

The CW BOSS team is led by:

Our personal background in sports drives the empathy we have for our clients as much as the competitive spirit that compels us to do our best for them.

As experienced investment advisors, we serve as your confidant, handling all financial affairs with discretion and sound judgment.

We offer open communications and round-the-clock availability, as we advocate for you in everything we do. That includes prioritizing your best interests whenever you’re presented with new opportunities.

We will collaborate with your other advisors – from your agent and business manager to your attorney and accountant – ensuring that anything that impacts your financial life is fully understood. Furthermore, if family members play a role in your career, we’re sure to take that situation into account as well.

Together, the Cyndeo team works on mitigating the financial challenges you face, by simplifying the decision-making process no matter how complex the circumstances. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that all your financial matters are being handled with great care and expertise.

We’re committed to working alongside you as you progress through your career.

We’ve seen the hurdles raised by the sudden windfall of success during the early phases, as well as the difficulty of sustaining financial discipline as your assets and compensation grow during the high points. Through all this, we never lose sight of the preparation needed for legacy planning to get you through retirement and beyond. We are long-term planners, capable of solving short-term needs.

Just as you bet on yourself and give it your all – whether it’s the field, the court, the stage, or the studio – we can help you become the boss of your destiny.

CW BOSS – where planning meets performance